A collection of exclusive, premium quality furniture.



Beyfurn™ is a collection of exclusive high quality Ready to Assemble (RTA) furniture from one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in Europe. Each item has been specially created for the American market and is designed to enhance any room whilst providing a useful solution to your storage needs.

A private ambition

Based in the UK, the company behind the brand is still privately owned and has origins dating back to 1907 when the family were local cabinet makers. From those humble beginnings to now be one of the worlds largest and most respected RTA furniture suppliers around today, is an achievement we are incredibly proud of.

The best in Europe

The company is proud to be Europe’s leader in the supply of decorative RTA furniture and boasts a quality that is envied by their peers.

A quality you can trust

Accredited to ISO 9001:2008, Total Quality Management is used through the business and a philosophy of continual investment and improvement embraces the entire supply chain.

Design is more than how something looks

Bringing together talented individuals, the latest technologies and an environment that breed’s creativity is the formula for design success. The design team working with HomeSprung is focused on creating products which are not only pleasing to the eye but also provide practical solutions to meet the customer requirements.

Caring about the environment

Everyone involved in the business have the same philosophy, to keep the planet safe for generations to come. Production systems from the outset incorporate environmental benefits such as recycling wood waste into particle board production or burning in the companies heating systems. Metal and plastic bandings are cut and recycled and even sawdust is used as a filtration medium or for biomass fuel.

Energy efficient lux and movement controlled lighting and dust extraction with intelligent damper controls all contribute to the preservation of energy resources and are installed throughout the business.

Key aspects of our environmental initiatives
FSC® License number: FSC C121845
PEFC™ Certificate number: BMT - PEFC - 1345
Wood waste is burnt to heat factories
Additional wood waste is recycled back into particleboard products
Sawdust is reused as a filtering medium and biomass fuel
Metal banding is cut and passed on for recycling
Waste foil materials are baled and recycled
Energy is conserved through lux and movement controlled lighting
Extraction systems have intelligent dampers and inverter control