Castle Range®

Innovative flooring solutions for your home.

Castle Range®


Castle Range® is all about making your Home your Castle. With an extensive experience in the carpet and flooring industry, the Castle Range brand was born out of a passion for unique and innovative flooring solutions.

Hand made

The Stair Treads, which we are proud to offer, encompass all that is great about American design and quality. Each and every stair tread is carefully made by hand, with an obsession for detail to ensure a perfect finish.

Make your Home your Castle

The quality of design helps you turn any regular wooden staircase into a luxurious, warm and inviting environment. The unique feature of the Bull-Nose and Flat-Nose designs, enables you to create a fitted look usually only achieved by paying a skilled carpet fitter.


Unlike other stair treads, Castle Range® treads are made with a high tech adhesive backing so they are ready to fit in minutes. Then if you want to remove them, simply peal them back and they will leave no residue. No need for double sided tape which can be awkward to fit and leave unsightly marks after removal. Some people buy two color ways so they can change the look of their hallway from summer to fall.